LandVote - provided by The Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land and the Land Trust Alliance partnered in 2000 to begin production and distribution of the LandVote® publications. These publications provide an overview of the year's voting trends, at-a-glance overviews of regional voting activities through illustrated maps, profiles of conservation finance mechanisms, case studies of transformational conservation programs and articles on selected conservation ballot success stories.


Through its analysis of the data, The Trust For Public Land finds that in robust and challenging economic times alike American voters have strongly supported conservation finance measures that preserve natural lands, create parks, and protect farmland. Communities that have approved conservation measures are as widespread and diverse as the purposes to which they have committed funds. Conservation finance ballot measures have passed in urban and rural communities in nearly all 50 states. Funds approved by individual measures range from a few hundred thousand dollars to several billion dollars and have supported purposes including parks and playgrounds, farmland preservation, watershed protection, trails and greenways, forests, and wildlife habitat.


You may download any of the LandVoteŽ reports as PDFs from the links below:



The LandVote® Database provides a dynamic interface for in-depth research on conservation ballot measures. Complete with easily accessible tables and graphs detailing conservation ballot measures by state, finance mechanism, and jurisdiction type.


TPL experts are available to provide analysis and advanced queries. Contact TPL LandVote or call 617-367-6200.