Door County, WI Greenprint - provided by The Trust for Public Land


Welcome to the Door County, WI Greenprint.


Welcome to the Door County Greenprint website! This site presents an in-depth analysis of lands for natural resource protection and land use planning. Interactive maps and customizable reports are provided to assist local elected officials, conservation organizations, property owners, and businesses in assessing their individual priorities regarding resource protection and land planning.


What is "Greenprinting"?

       "Greenprinting" blends scientific data with conservation goals to help local policy-makers make informed, strategic decisions about development proposals and conservation/resource protection.


Door County Greenprint Goals

       The Greenprint process is organized based on a set of targeted land use management and planning goals, specific to Door County. These goals, identified by local and regional advisors, provide a thematic framework for the Greenprint analysis. Each goal has been characterized using best available data, scientific review, and advanced analysis. The maps, reports, and interactive tools on this website will enable you to identify and explore locations of highest concern for each goal.


Door County Greenprint Goals:

1.  Protect Habitat for Native Plants and Animals

2.  Restore Landscape Connectivity

3.  Protect Surface Water Quality

4.  Protect Ground Water Quality


How to Use this Website

The tabs across the top of this page will guide you in accessing the information and tools provided on this website.

Interactive Mapping - Provides interactive investigation and mapping of Greenprint Goals. Start with the Training Guide and Tutorial for step by step examples on how to use this site.

Training Guide - Provides step by step exercises for using the interactive Greenprint mapping tool.

Sample Maps and Reports - Provides overview maps of Greenprint results. For more detailed, customized maps use the Interactive Mapping tool or Contact Us tab.

Data Sources - Describes the data and methodology behind the maps and reports.

FAQs - This tab provides answers to frequently asked questions about the site.

Contact Us - Contact Door County for additional information on this project.



       The information available on the Door County Greenprint Web site is provided to assist the user in a preliminary evaluation of lands in Door County. Note that any information presented on a countywide map may have issues of scale when analyzing individual parcels. While some of the information provided is based on inventories conducted through field work, much has been gathered through analysis of imagery, soil surveys, and topographic maps. We recognize that there are limitations with remotely sensed data, and while the information is the best available to date, it may be subject to revision or update as newer information becomes available. Finally, please note that maps produced do not replace the need to, and importance and value of, conducting a more thorough and accurate onsite evaluation of the lands of interest.




Site Updated: 3/31/2015